Ache in my chest, thoughts in my head, loneliness around me. How much more of this fucking shit can i take, the load just keeps getting heavier. The thoughts just keep getting louder and nights get quieter. Whats wrong with me? what did I ever do in life that was so wrong or bad that i deserve this ? what the fuck is wrong with me.. I can’t even describe whats in my head or how i feel cause its just empty? i feel sick and all i want to do is throw up. The frustration of having so much in mind but not being able to talk about it, feeling so lonely but have no one around, feeling so tired but not able to sleep, wanting to cry but someone is around, wanting the end the pain but not my life..

So whats wrong with me?

Blood doesn’t bring her pain.
Pain brings her blood.

i want to scream
i want to cry
i want to cut
i want to die

anon. (via smilespolitely)